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Tender Documentation

It starts with AEECS receiving the tender documentation either by:

Online Tender Application

Filling out our Online Tender Application Form


Email Please ensure delivery by clicking the ‘Read Receipt’ function. Our AEECS representative will always acknowledge receipt of documentation. File sizes should not exceed 10Mb per email.


Dropbox: Preferable for large files

In Person

Printed, preferably in a folder dividing the documentation or on a USB stick.


If pricing is not time sensitive, general post is fine.


AEECS uses Espro Estimating Software to produce its estimates. This software was build using Trade Services priced materials lists ‘Traser’ and is compatible with common project management software such as Simpro.

The reporting function is second to none as it provides detailed reports in PDF or Xls for:

Bill of Quantities
Pricing Schedules
Estimate (including detailed sub-assemblies)
Front Sheets (to indicate markups and job costs) and much more..

For more information on this software, please visit Spearhead Software at –
For more information on Trade Services, please visit their site at –

Once the documentation has been received, AEECS will email a fee proposal for the expected total costs of the services or provide an hourly rate to complete the works. If the fee proposal or hourly rates are accepted, then AEECS will email the Contract for Estimation Services agreement to be signed.

Once there is an agreement in place AEECS will commence Estimation Services.

Design Services

We support investors, developers, builders, architects, project managers and sub-contractors with their Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection design and engineering requirements.

BIM & Revit

Our team have the capabilities for Digital Engineering throughout our engineering design and drafting projects, allowing for virtual stimulation of projects through 3D models ad coordinated design components.

Completion Review

Once the estimate is complete, we need to transfer the project knowledge onto your company representative to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project, your scope and any inclusions, exclusions and assumptions . Depending upon the nature of the project, this can be done from either one or two ways

  1. Via telephone or web hook-up or
  2. In person via a boardroom type meeting arrangement. It is preferred for reviews that are conducted in person that a Whiteboard be made available as well as a Projector type arrangement.
Domestic Estimations

New homes, renovations, additions, Eco-homes, Smart homes – not an issue.

Commercial Estimations

Hotels, Restaurants, High Rises, Schools, Shop fit-outs and Units.

Industrial Estimations

Wastewater Treatment Plants, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Gas Projects, Switchyards and Mining including CPP’s, CHPP’s, Reflux Classifiers, HV Reticulation, Roller Screens, Conveyor Upgrades, Camps and more, we are experienced and have the capability to price.

Consulting Services

Electrical Conception, Design, Construction through to the Delivery – we can guide you through the complete life-cycle of a project