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Welcome to Australian Electrical Estimating and Consultancy Services (AEECS) where our goal is to build your business through successful tendering.


Presentation of the submission documents.


Clear and concise assumptions, inclusions and exclusions


Competitive materials Pricing and Realistic Installation rates

These areas are crucial towards successful tendering. Lack of attention in any of those areas mentioned will decrease your chances of success because thinking from a client’s point of view it is as simple as a click of a button to dismiss your submission.

There are of course other areas such as Contractor Reputation, Professional Relationships, Perceived Company Capabilities, Experience, Capital, Quality Management etc that can influence the outcome of a tender however these areas are outside of our control. 

We are electrical estimators who specialise in Contract Electrical, Estimating Services,  Electrical Tendering and Electrical Consulting across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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